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We believe in excellency.

We value the trust our clients place in us and we reciprocate with a commitment to deliver to the very best of our ability in each facet of our business.

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We believe in responsibility.

We recognise that the New Zealand events industry has a long way to go to become environmentally responsible.

At Red Creative we endeavour to be good stewards of resource. Where possible we work with local suppliers, reducing shipping miles and closing the gap between producer and consumer. Our systems are regularly reviewed to reduce waste and optimise sustainability.

We are particularly concerned with the state of New Zealand’s floral industry and the impact it has on our environment and ultimately our health. Where possible we source locally grown, organic florals and we even grow some of our own. We are committed to reducing our reliance on plastic products including floral foam and design to this ethos.

When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing the very best for your event, your planet and your future.

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We believe in generosity.

We acknowledge our position as industry leaders is only made possible by those who have gone before us. In our thirteen years of business we've had the absolute privilege to collaborate with some of New Zealand's most talented designers, artisans and business minds.

In the same vein we believe it's our responsibility to pass on our knowledge, experience and passion to the next generation of creatives. If you have something special to offer we want to hear from you.

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We believe in beauty.

As humans, we’re innately drawn to things of beauty. They have the ability to calm, inspire and excite us. We endeavour to infuse each of our projects with thoughtful design that brings joy.

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