Terms & conditions of trade.

This contract applies to any individual or business entity (hereinafter referred to as the “client”), who hires or purchases goods and services from Red Creative Limited hereinafter referred to as “Red Creative”, “us” or “we”). 


Deposit & acceptance of terms.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to confirm any bookings with Red Creative. Until this deposit has been received we reserve the right to alter supplied pricing and / or release the goods or services to another client. We cannot reserve a date of service until a deposit has been received.

By paying the deposit the client confirms their booking for goods and services as stated on the quote and agrees to the terms and conditions listed herein.


We prefer payment by direct credit. Please ensure that when doing this, your job number (found on the top right of your estimate or invoice) is entered in the reference field. 

Our Bank Account details are:

Red Creative // 38 9012 0590010 00 // Kiwibank

If paying by cheque please include a copy of your estimate or invoice with your cheque made out to Red Creative and post to:

Red Creative // 95 Aberley Road, Schnapper Rock, Auckland, 0632


Estimates (or project investment breakdowns) are based on client’s specification and are subject to change if specifications change. 

Prices are valid until the date specified on the estimate. Following this date if no deposit has been received all prices are subject to change.

Payment terms & contingency budget.

Following acceptance of an estimate by the client an invoice will be issued for the balance owing. Payment is due 14 days prior to the release of goods or services. 

Where appropriate a contingency budget will be included to cover any last minute changes. If not required, any remaining balance will be refunded to the client within 14 days of the release of goods or services.


Following acceptance of an estimate by payment of deposit, acceptance of any requested changes are at Red Creative’s discretion.

We reserve the right to charge for all goods and services rendered to the client regardless of whether they are listed on the estimate supplied. As stylists, the client permits us to undertake and charge for all reasonable, additional work as we see fit. 

Unforeseen circumstances.

We always endeavour to deliver to our clients expectations. On occasion however, unforeseen circumstances beyond our control may arise that prevent delivery or implementation of the agreed upon design.

In the event of this we reserve the right to charge the client for any and all costs incurred by us regardless of delivery.




Hire of items.

All items unless otherwise stipulated are used by the client on a hire-only basis and remain the property of Red Creative and our suppliers.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the hire period is for one calendar day and late return will incur additional costs. 

Where Red Creative is collecting items the client is responsible for all items to be easily locatable. We reserve the right to treat any item not easily locatable as lost and the client will be charged accordingly.

In all circumstances the client is responsible for the care of hire items. Any damage or loss of items will result in the full replacement cost being charged. The client is also responsible for any damage, loss or expense caused by the items hired to property or person whether suffered by client or third party.


The client agrees to pay all delivery fees where applicable. Red Creative does not take responsibility for issues arising from delayed delivery.


Red Creative will endeavour to source floral as specified in the proposal, however due to the fragile nature of floral we can not guarantee supply. Where specified floral cannot be attained, we will select an alternative in keeping with the overall design. We are not responsible for floral once it has left our care. 


All images, designs and concepts created by Red Creative are protected by copyright and remain our property. These are not to be used, replicated, published or distributed without our express consent. 


We value our client’s privacy. We will never sell or distribute your details without your express consent.

Health & Safety.

We take wellbeing of our staff and clients very seriously and have a full health & safety policy available to view.

We require that our staff be provided with safe working conditions. In the event of conditions becoming unsafe our staff will not be permitted to continue work. In some circumstances this may mean delivery or implementation is altered or cancelled.


In the case of cancellation following payment of the deposit, the deposit charged will be retained by Red Creative. If the goods or services rendered exceed the value of the deposit, we reserve the right to charge the client for those goods and services. 

When cancellation occurs following full payment an invoice will be issued for all goods and services rendered to date and any balance refunded to the client. 

Unpaid money.

The client will be charged interest at the rate of 8% every month on any unpaid monies. We reserve the right to charge the client any fees associated with the retrieval of unpaid monies.